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At Engineered Component Solutions, making parts is just part of what we do. We make sure your parts can be made to the specifications submitted by your team. Working from 40 years of combined experience, our engineering team optimizes design for manufacturing, handles pre-production, prototyping and tooling, so you can start making parts quickly.

Design For Manufacturability

No time wasted here. We know the one best way to make a part, and make sure our engineering team finds the best process for any design. To reduce manufacturing time and cost, we can guide you through part geometry and ways to refine materials.

Prototyping & Testing

Many customers want to see physical prototypes that comply with industry-standard 3D CAD files. You may also want access to Stratasys 3D printers for prototyping, and other nice fabrication stuff. And for low-volume manufacturing methods, talk to our engineers about machining or injection molding in aluminum tools. You can even see functional prototypes in end-use materials and move into preproduction testing if you want.

Tooling Development

When we say full service, we mean it. At ECS, we are experts at tooling development for every manufacturing process we offer. That includes working from design to preproduction and production tools for every manufacturing process under our roof. Talk to us and see what develops.


Whether it’s an estimate, a bid or questions about our capabilities and successful projects, please feel free to reach out to us.

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